To Blog…

…or not to blog.
For some reason, the last few weeks, I keep thinking about all the things I want to blog. Thing is, I don’t have a functional blog. Funny, how when I’ve had a blog in the past I got bored and couldn’t think of (creative, funny, interesting, better than someone else’s blog content, exciting, sensational, challenging, original, enough) material to write about. Here’s to second chances. I’ll try again…hopefully it won’t be a regurgitation of things you’ve already seen and experienced on other blogs. If so, well it’ll be my unique collection of regurgitations. (Now there’s an image).

Random observation: As I spell checked, I found it strangely odd that the word “blog” is not in the blog’s working spell check vocabulary.


One response to “To Blog…

  1. whats up dave. welcome back to blogging.

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