I Learned My Lesson(s)

     Today I got my wife back. For those who didn’t know, my son Jack and I have been without Carly since last Thursday. She flew to Kansas City to spend some much needed time away with a good friend.
     I’d like to report on all the many things I was able to accomplish, I’d also love to share that the “working from home” thing actually worked. Well, I accomplished little, and while the basic work things were completed none of the “projects” I had have seen completion. But, I did learn a lot! I’ve already made certain to thank Carly for all she does, I now stand more appreciative and more blessed than ever to have a wonderful wife who is also an amazing mom. I think it was worth it. 

Lessons learned from the last few days:
**At the risk of drawing the ire of every husband/dad…It’d be a great idea for “mom” to leave for 5 days. Many lessons are learned, much appreciation is gained.

**No matter how meticulous you are about putting on a diaper…stuff will still find it’s way out.

**Overnight diapers? I know it’s like the little black box/airplane question…but why don’t they make ALL diapers “overnight” quality?

**How does a single parent do it? My respect has grown.

**When their are breaks (called naps) when productivity can happen, the most productive thing is often a nap. It’s called refueling.

**Balanced meals are difficult with a 19 month old.

**At just 19 mos old, Jack is certainly capable of missing his Mommy. At 29 yrs old, Dave is certain that he missed her too.

**Snacks are a must. Although I must question whether any food preserved by Sulfur Dioxide should be consumed or served. Fig Newtons…really…it just doesn’t sound good.

**I spend more money when Carly isn’t around (trips to COSI, for snacks, chicken tenders at Burger King, clothing so that I have more warm choices for Jack).

**Indulgent lesson learned that may cause me trouble down the road: I discovered that there’s a Burger King a few blocks from my house and the double cheeseburgers are only $1.00. News to me…good news.

**I am more thankful for the office (not the show, although I like it too), and looking forward to getting back to work. I don’t think I valued it before.

**I will come home each day with a renewed respect and a more helpful attitude. It’s called: I now understand.


One response to “I Learned My Lesson(s)

  1. Welcome to the blog world. I guess Mark really “threw you to the wolves” so to speak. Can’t wait to read more. Teach me, oh wise one 🙂

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