…and stuff like that 1.29.08

Oftentimes I come across links that I think are too good not to share with someone. Often, I think, I’d like to remember this or that (but I never do). Sometimes I have a good thought that must be shared. Occasionally, I want to remember that I thought that thought. “…and stuff like that” will be a regular post where I dump things as I come across them. It’ll be a place where the content maybe doesn’t warrant a post all to itself. And throughout any given day it may change as much as I feel like changing it.

  • The reason I call this so called column, “…and stuff like that.” is because I have this habit when I am telling a story, teaching, or speaking and get to the end of my thoughts, instead of just stopping I feel this unconscious urge to tag on, “…and stuff like that.” It’s a crutch that I lean on and although only one person has ever pointed it out me and challenged me on it, he was right, I realized it too and began to catch myself saying it all too often. I’m getting better.
  • Watched the State of the Union address with Carly last night. Aside from any content or personal opinions, all I needed to see to know the “State of the Union” was to watch as people clapped or refrained from clapping. I think President Bush could have said, I love to tie my shoes and the Republicans would have clapped. I think President Bush could have said, I like the Clinton family, a lot and the Democrats would have scowled. I also think that if the President were currently a democrat, the exact opposite would be true. The underlying assumption in having a State of the Union address is that the Nation is “Unified”. That assumption is false. The current state, is that we are FAR from a Union.
  • Found this Blog today: http://francischansblog.blogspot.com(yay!)
  • Tom Brady practiced yesterday…wow, I was getting worried.
  • You must see this YouTube video. Take note of the obvious lipsynching!
  • I long for these days…the Browns were bad and Belichick was not good.
  • Good News! Ebay has lowered their insertion fees and offered free gallery pics! If you sell on ebay, that’s great news, if you don’t, well, maybe this will be the stimulus that the economy needs. I love ebay…feel free to go buy stuff from me (when I’m selling stuff).
  • There is no tastier food combination than Mt Dew and Doritos. It’s like peanut butter and jelly, only better.

…and stuff like that.


3 responses to “…and stuff like that 1.29.08

  1. so knowing that francis chan has a blog pretty much made my day. and i am glad i rushed you into blogging. I see you responded nicely to the pressure so far with two good posts:)

  2. sweet find on the chan blog

  3. Hey Bro,

    Welcome to the blog world! Hey, how about I give you a rematch on the A.I. competition? I think I can go 2 and 0 on you! What do you think? We’ll set some ground rules and a deadline for our 2 picks and the first one out loses. Let me know if you’re game?


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