Why I’m Rooting Against the Patriots

…and it’s not because I think they are the incarnation of evil.

The reasons run much deeper than that. I don’t apologize for a minute that most of my reasons center around preserving the history and uniqueness of the 5 time Super Bowl Champion Pittsburgh Steelers.

The Reasons:

  1.  I was thrilled to see them not win last year because that would have given the Pats 4 Super Bowl wins in 6 years. Only one team has ever done that…the Steelers. 4 in 7 is not as good…but it’s one step closer to 5 in 8, which is better
  2.  I miss the days of debating which college powerhouse could give New England a game and maybe beat them (post ’85 – pre Drew Bledsoe)…that has never been a debate or even a thought with the Steelers (maybe in the 50’s and 60’s)
  3.  AFC Championship Game losses in 2004 and 2001
  4.  Playoff game loss in 1996
  5.  Belichick used to coach the lousy Browns…now he’s good. At least the Browns still haven’t won.
  6.  The Steelers 4 titles in the 70’s had 22 players that were on ALL four teams. The Patriots 3 titles and this years team have had 4 players on all 4 teams.
  7.  Mike Vrable…used to be a back-up Steelers linebacker. Where was this “superman” then? I could’ve liked him.
  8.  In 2004 the Steelers were 15-1, in week 8 the Steelers dominated NE 34-20. The Steelers lost the AFC title game later that season to NE…Good for them they got to play us early in the season so they could get plenty of video taping compiled for the Championship game match-up.
  9.  They made the Steelers look silly this season. However, Anthony Smith made Anthony Smith look silly.
  10.  The “tuck rule” started it all. Witout it the Steelers would have played the Oakland Raiders instead of NE for the AFC title in 2001.
  11.  New England has won six of the last seven meetings against the Steelers (including thoses two AFC Championship games). That’s not a good reason to hate, because they’ve been better; but are their ever good reasons to hate?
  12.  Ben Roethlisberger’s first two career NFL losses came against the Patriots…in a span of 4 games.
  13.  Chuck Noll, the only NFL head coach to win 4 Super Bowls. I’d like it to stay that way.

One response to “Why I’m Rooting Against the Patriots

  1. So…my earlier question was a bit lame, after reading your 10 reasons. I figured as much! Thanks for clearing it all up for me!

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