Writers Strike…I don’t mind

I actually have enjoyed the latest round of strike induced television. I was reading the other day that the last time there was a writers strike we got the long running “reality” show COPS as a result. Not bad, everyone has enjoyed an episode of COPS at one time or another and many spin offs have been done. So, the strike is not all bad.

Right now, I’m sitting down to enjoy NBC’s “100 Most Outrageous Moments of All Time“. And I love it. It’s like AFV’s, and live newscast faux pas meets Kids Say the Darnedest Things meets the best sports bloopers you could ever hope to see. I’ve never been one to enjoy sitting down and watching a TV drama and few sitcoms are worth my time. But, I love game shows, and it seems that game shows and reality shows are about the only things that can be shown right now.

I do hope that the writers reach an agreement for their sake and the sake of their families, but as for me, I enjoy the parade of ridiculous reality ideas, the American Gladiators comeback and of course the show I’m watching right now.


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