This is probably not the best way to start a blog…

Begin a blog. Make about 10 posts in 2 weeks. Disappear for 2 weeks.

Maybe this is the reason:
I think I’ve struggled trying to find my purpose for this blog. Do I keep it about ministry, youth ministry, things I’m learning, random links…OR…do I make it more personal? By personal I mean, posting about the normal everyday things of life? I’ve discovered that if I focus on one topic or area of interest I can get excited about it. I’ve also discovered that I have no idea what I want that focus to be for this blog. I think I’ve always thought that I need something very interesting to say or I shouldn’t say anything, because people don’t want to read about just me.

Here’s my conclusion: This blog is going to be about me (family, interests, etc…). And, primarily, it’s going to be for me. But, you are allowed to read and comment, if you so desire. I think when I fall into the trap of trying to please readers and gain a “following” on my blog, I do myself, and in turn anyone who does read, a disservice.

Or, maybe THIS is the reason:
Those of you who know me, know that I am a HUGE Pittsburgh Steelers fan. So, during the past two weeks, I have also begun a Pittsburgh Steelers blog that has taken much of my blogging attention. I’ve been spending time building it and trying to develop some content so that it’s a viable blog. Check it out… If you are a Steelers fan I hope you go back often. If you are a fan of the Br***s, I’m sure I can provide enough material to fire you up.

So, please check back here, I’ll be updating…Not to build a blog but because the discipline of writing is not something that I’ve been successful at in the past. I’ve never been a journal-er but i’ve always admired those who do. Maybe I can keep up.

American Idol:
If you haven’t yet wandered over to my Steelers blog…I actually merged my American Idol preview with my love of football. How you say? I matched up the contenders to AFC football teams…doesn’t make much sense, but it’s fun.


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