I Think My Son is a High School Boy…

…or a college student.

Carly just called me to inform me that Jack had just woken up from sleeping at about 10:20am. No, he didn’t just get up from a nap, this is from his night of sleeping. And, because he was such a bear last night we even put him to bed early…at 7:30pm.

Let me do the math for you: Jack slept for nearly 15 hours straight without waking up. That’s not normal for a 20 month old.

Needless to say he has not been a very dependable alarm clock lately. I might have to start setting mine again. Until June 15th.


One response to “I Think My Son is a High School Boy…

  1. Hey Dave,

    Great site…minus all the Steeler Garbage. Enjoy Jack sleeping…..

    Hey, I switched my site to: danodeens.wordpress.com

    I added your link too! So EASY on the Steeler stuff! So…what are the Browns gonna do with Brady Q now that they signed Anderson to $60 million.

    Great news in philly yesterday! We landed an MSL team in Chester….YES!


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