American Idol…you can take it to the bank.

Many of you know of my love for American Idol but this year actually seems like the hardest year for me to even have a clue. It seems that there really are a lot of good singers…and we are reminded each minute how incredibly talented this year is by Ryan, shamlessly promoting something that I think has yet to be determined. However, with all of the really good singers, I’m having touble seeing any really great singers. Maybe its the absence of really bad singers that doesn’t make anyone stand out…well, I have no clue how this will play out. How’s that for shooting any credibility you might foolishly have believed I had? If you’d like to see more in depth analysis on some of these individuals check out my post on

The following is the order of elimination for the next 12 weeks:

12. kristy.jpg  11. david.jpg  10. amanda.jpg 

9. michael.jpg  8. chikezzee.jpg  7. syesha.jpg 

6. ramiele.jpg  5. david_c.jpg  4. carly.jpg 

3. jason_c.jpg  2. brooke.jpg 1. david_a.jpg

There you have it…agree? disagree? couldn’t care less? Jason Castro has actually become my favorite over the last few weeks, so I’m really pulling for him. I also like Syesha but her boring performances have not gotten me very excited, although she still has an incredible voice. And more than either of those two I think I’m pulling for Carly Smithson NOT to win…just don’t like her.

Hop on over to Mike’s site and enjoy our American Idol “draft”…he got the first pick by winning the last time we did this, which was two seasons ago. I’m still a little bitter, thinking I had the no brainer bet of the century when I chose Katharine McPhee and Chris Daughtry to his Mandisa Hundley (that’s right folks, she has a last name) and Taylor Hicks. How could I lose that bet!?!? Oh how I loathe Taylor Hicks.


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