A Great Day For Basketball

March Madness has arrived a week early for me. As I begin to get excited about filling out my bracket and having no clue, since I don’t start paying attention to college hoops until March, the madness has started already for a couple of my favorite schools.

Worthington Christian after advancing to the Final Four

Today the Worthington Christian High School (the school is a ministry of the church where I am employed) boys basketball team played in and won their State Semifinal game against some team from the Cleveland area, 66 to 58. I think this was the closest game they’ve played during the entire playoffs. That means on Saturday at 2pm they toss up the ball and play for the Division IV State Title!

After walking about a mile (literally) if not more from the Schottenstine Center on the OSU campus to my car, I quickly drove home to catch the second half of the Grace College Lancers NAIA playoff game…they haven’t been to that tournament in 15 years. They got an at large bid as the 18 seed (the seeding is not quite the same as the NCAA) in the field of 32. After being down 30-31 at the half they battled back to defeat Embry-Riddle (Fla) 75-65!

The 2007-08 Grace College Men’s Basketball Team

The Worthington Christian men are playing for a State Title and Grace College has advanced to the Sweet Sixteen. Oh, and Pitt beat #13 Louisville in OT, in the Big East Tourney! Yes, a great day for basketball!


3 responses to “A Great Day For Basketball

  1. dave…honestly, i haven’t been blogging anywhere. every now and then i realize i don’t have anything to say…at least nothing that i’d want to read. …and, not speaking for anyone but me, but often i get the feeling that my blogging habits are really just a mild form of narcissism…

    i saw your steelers blog, though..nice!

  2. I had to comment…I love sports, but particularly love March Basketball. Congrats to Worthington Christian. And GO Grace. I have some memory of being at a winter retreat at Camp Mantowagon last time Grace went to that tournament and ended up getting the championship. I have that shirt. Were you at the retreat…Not sure if it was a church or district event. And as for Pitt well that is my alma mater….so yes, I would say it was a good day in BB.

  3. Thanks for the updates Dave! Love that pic of the grace team…what is the top height on the right side?
    Not sure if Jon has had time to see them play at all.
    Did you hear that the April Elder team meeting is being held at the Wachovia Center? I’m thinking it’s because LeBron & crew are coming to town!

    Hey…I think we need some encouragement to get the Gateway Brackets going…are you going to commission someone to lead?

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