Chinatown Blues


Found a nice chinese “buffet” style restaurant today in Chinatown for dinner. The food was plentiful and cheap.

That’s where anything good that I have to say stops. Ok, the rice was fine. But, seriously the food was working hard and fast on us as we continued with our evening. Maybe if the combination of Calamari type spicy rings, sesame pork with bones the size of my wrist (batter dipped, of course, so as to surprise me), and barbecue tofu would have been allowed to rest peacefully in my stomach, things would have benn just fine. But the added pleasure of the smooth Brooklyn streets would have none of that.

Much discomfort, a bathroom break for me as well as a latenight McDonald’s run to settle our collective 9 stomachs ensued. (You know the food wasn’t good when a latenight McD’s run actually serves to settle the turbulance inside, God bless 6 piece chicken mcnuggets!)

Did I mention the food was cheap?


One response to “Chinatown Blues

  1. hey dave tell the worthington Christian b-ballers about Grace. Do you think any of them are considering us bro?

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