Cell Phone tour of NYC

All weekend has been crazy busywith Ed and the YouthNet guys. We have been going, walking, talking, and seeing so many amazing places. The pictures to follow won’t even begin to do justice to what i’ve been experiencing but it’s a very small snapshot through the lens of my LG Verizon camera phone.

View from Battery Park at some buildings…

Henry was my bus captain for picking up kids at Metro Ministries Sunday School program…very cool guy…LOVED the kids…

Peering into the center of Times Square…

Just as I walked under the entrance to the TS Hard Rock Cafe…this sign flashed above me. Only 18 days early but it was a nice gesture. I’m sure it cost Carly a fortune…

5 Guys Burgers and Fries…we actually got there! Several of them call NYC home and we certainly made sure to find one. It was everything I hoped for and more…

This held us up a bit at the Subway as Adam, Koreem and myself somehow had less on our metro ticket than the others, this particular station didn’t sell tickets on the outside of the gate…

Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir…I had low expectations because I’m not a “choir” guy but WOW. Simply Incredible and the whole service was AMAZING…

Obviously not from the cell phone but I met and talked briefly with Dwayne Curtis (#44, Ole Miss) today on Canal Street. He and his teammates are in the city for the NIT Final Four and were doing some shopping when not preparing for Ohio State on Tuesday night. We were able to converse a little because of our mutual connection in Todd Abernethy who played with these guys last year at Ole Miss and his brother is a friend of mine from college. I pledged my allegiance to Dwayne and his teammates instead of OSU for Tuesday night.


2 responses to “Cell Phone tour of NYC

  1. I just want to know if Five Guys is as good as In n Out burgers. I have not yet found one up here in the Cleveland area…i will have to scope that out as I am a huge In N out fan…. I do know there is a Five Guys in little old Johnstown, PA… I am going there to see my dad this weekend so we may have to make a stop…although I don’t think he likes them very much. Looks like NY was good.

  2. 5 guys and In n out are very similar…there were mixed reviews in our group. Some thought it was better, others thought it was very comparable but no one said that In n out was clearly better.

    The fries were excellent. The burgers seemed to have a little more of a “grilled” flavor.

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