So Long…

This evening Skybus, a super cheap airline based in Columbus, went out of business, effective at 12:00am April 5th. This is very sad news, but not very surprising. It must be hard to make much money when fuel costs so much and you sell your plane tickets for $10.00.

Well, it appears that Carly and I have some free time during the last week of April as we had purchased tickets to visit our friends Eric and Katie in Wisconsin. We also had several friends that have and were going to utilize the cheapness of air travel via Port Columbus in the very near future. I guess we won’t get to see those friends as they pass through either. It will be interesting to hear over the next few days who else has been affected by this sudden news…especially considering WCS’s spring break ends this weekend. Hmm?

So long Skybus, it would have been nice to get to know you. I think we could have been friends.


3 responses to “So Long…

  1. Man, that sucks. We have (or had) tickets to visit my grandparents in Florida at the end of April. Hopefully I can get my refund without too much hassle!

  2. Yeah…too bad! Too good to be true….I wish it would have worked also!

    How goes life?

  3. Another “almost” relationship. Sorry our boys won’t be in need of a pit stop & parking space…you might still be able to lure them in with a double cheeseburger offer or something! Jordan is now flying one-way into SBN from MDT (ever been there?) and plans to drive back with Jonny & Leah. Even with the fuel prices…driving with 3 will be less than 3 airline tickets…at least from an airline that is actually flying! Interesting news note…in my small talk with my Capital One Visa friend, I learned that Skybus was in good company as 2 other airlines shut down last week. (This explains the long hold wait with Capital One, as I’m not the only one trying to start the refund process!)

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