Encounter With a Bengals Fan

Saturday night, Doug Black (fellow Steelers fan) and I went to pick up Chipotle for our wives and kids…

As we arrived, a fun, jovial kind of guy comes in after us, skips the entire “S” shaped line-forming apparatus to cut in front of us. Immediately he begins yapping about his slick “Chad Johnson” like moves and continues yapping (making CJ look like a mute choir-boy). Being the nice guys that we are…we offered that we were going to let him in front of us anyway, because of our extensive order and limited ordering experience at Chipotle.

We talked for several minutes about his in ability to commit to a woman for more than 2 weeks because of his deep desire to have toilet paper rolled just the way he likes it. That conversation arose because we had wives, which he obviously didn’t. We humored him and enjoyed his antics.

Then it happened…

He stopped mid-sentence, jaw dropping as he noticed both of our hats and said, “oh, ‘expletive’ you guys are Steelers fans”. We acknowledged his incredible observation skills, he bitterly whined about the Kimoing Carson’s knee received two years ago and then immediately turned, back to us and facing the counter, raised his hand above his right shoulder and showed us the dirty finger.

We laughed. Pure class.

For those who are wondering…He didn’t actually say “oh, expetive”, but that would have made the story 150% more funny.


One response to “Encounter With a Bengals Fan

  1. I miss you Dave Nicodemus.

    Next time you visit the in-laws, we gotta hang out!

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