So, maybe it’s time for a new post. How about a baby?

Monday, June 9th, 2008 at 9:54am our second son, Henry Ross Nicodemus was born. June 9th is a significant day as it is also (our 2 year old son) Jack’s birthday. Carly was amazing and was strong despite a long night and 2 consecutive sleepless nights.

Saturday Evening, the serious contractions started. They were fairly consistent but only 10-15 mins apart. We were preparing for a possible hospital visit that night or early morning, but the contractions never fully cooperated. After a few hours of sleep for me and maybe 1 hour for Carly, I left for church with Jack, armed with my cell phone and all of Jack’s belongings for the next few days, thinking I may get “the” call.

However, the contractions stopped for a while and were very sporatic and inconsistent. But, at 8pm that night they began once again, this time they didn’t stop. By 1:30am on Monday they were close enough to warrant packing the car and leaving for the hospital. We quickly found out that we were a “keeper” and the adventure was in full swing.

Sparing the details, as mentioned above, Henry entered our arms and joined our family. We are so excited to have another little boy, can’t wait to see how he grows and interacts with his big brother in the days to come. It’s going to be exciting.

For more pictures click HERE.

Also, we’ve made the CE Online News! HERE.


3 responses to “So, maybe it’s time for a new post. How about a baby?

  1. Congratulations!!! Two of my youth leaders just had their first son on the 5th. I guess it must be baby season 🙂

  2. Congrats Guys! He’s beautiful!

  3. Congrats on the Baby! Thanks for the pic too!

    AND…Hoping you have seen the light now that you live in Columbus and will raise those chillin’s as TRUE BUCKEYE fans!

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