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So, maybe it’s time for a new post. How about a baby?

Monday, June 9th, 2008 at 9:54am our second son, Henry Ross Nicodemus was born. June 9th is a significant day as it is also (our 2 year old son) Jack’s birthday. Carly was amazing and was strong despite a long night and 2 consecutive sleepless nights.

Saturday Evening, the serious contractions started. They were fairly consistent but only 10-15 mins apart. We were preparing for a possible hospital visit that night or early morning, but the contractions never fully cooperated. After a few hours of sleep for me and maybe 1 hour for Carly, I left for church with Jack, armed with my cell phone and all of Jack’s belongings for the next few days, thinking I may get “the” call.

However, the contractions stopped for a while and were very sporatic and inconsistent. But, at 8pm that night they began once again, this time they didn’t stop. By 1:30am on Monday they were close enough to warrant packing the car and leaving for the hospital. We quickly found out that we were a “keeper” and the adventure was in full swing.

Sparing the details, as mentioned above, Henry entered our arms and joined our family. We are so excited to have another little boy, can’t wait to see how he grows and interacts with his big brother in the days to come. It’s going to be exciting.

For more pictures click HERE.

Also, we’ve made the CE Online News! HERE.


Steelers Draft

I try to keep my Steelers comments to a minimum on this blog. But, I can’t let the draft weekend pass without directing you, if you care, to plenty of Steelers draft coverage over at

Go check it out.

Encounter With a Bengals Fan

Saturday night, Doug Black (fellow Steelers fan) and I went to pick up Chipotle for our wives and kids…

As we arrived, a fun, jovial kind of guy comes in after us, skips the entire “S” shaped line-forming apparatus to cut in front of us. Immediately he begins yapping about his slick “Chad Johnson” like moves and continues yapping (making CJ look like a mute choir-boy). Being the nice guys that we are…we offered that we were going to let him in front of us anyway, because of our extensive order and limited ordering experience at Chipotle.

We talked for several minutes about his in ability to commit to a woman for more than 2 weeks because of his deep desire to have toilet paper rolled just the way he likes it. That conversation arose because we had wives, which he obviously didn’t. We humored him and enjoyed his antics.

Then it happened…

He stopped mid-sentence, jaw dropping as he noticed both of our hats and said, “oh, ‘expletive’ you guys are Steelers fans”. We acknowledged his incredible observation skills, he bitterly whined about the Kimoing Carson’s knee received two years ago and then immediately turned, back to us and facing the counter, raised his hand above his right shoulder and showed us the dirty finger.

We laughed. Pure class.

For those who are wondering…He didn’t actually say “oh, expetive”, but that would have made the story 150% more funny.

Closed For Remodel

I’m being completely serious when I say that Burger King is one of my most favorite restaurants. Fancy, high quality restaurants are nice, but I don’t get there often enough. BK, can easily be accessed, afforded and enjoyed just the same. My love for BK was instilled at a very young age as my dad and I would go shopping weekly (for “man” stuff: baseball cards and junk food) and our lunch selection was always Burger King. Before anyone gets worked up, I’m not crazy about their fries, but, what are they called? Burger King…that’s right, they are the king of their specialty (fast food version).

It’s not like Burger King’s are in short supply, anywhere. However, imagine my joy when I discovered my personal taste of heaven only a few blocks from my house. Upon discovery, they were in the midst of selling double cheeseburgers for a mere $.99. Pure excitement.

Well…Carly called me this week at the office to ask if I had seen the Burger King lately. I hadn’t. She proceeded to inform me that the sign says that they are “Closed for Remodel”. She quickly added that the building was gone!?!?! Huh? Some remodel!

It got me thinking… Continue reading

So Long…

This evening Skybus, a super cheap airline based in Columbus, went out of business, effective at 12:00am April 5th. This is very sad news, but not very surprising. It must be hard to make much money when fuel costs so much and you sell your plane tickets for $10.00.

Well, it appears that Carly and I have some free time during the last week of April as we had purchased tickets to visit our friends Eric and Katie in Wisconsin. We also had several friends that have and were going to utilize the cheapness of air travel via Port Columbus in the very near future. I guess we won’t get to see those friends as they pass through either. It will be interesting to hear over the next few days who else has been affected by this sudden news…especially considering WCS’s spring break ends this weekend. Hmm?

So long Skybus, it would have been nice to get to know you. I think we could have been friends.

None But Jesus

My heart is being stirred like I haven’t experienced in quite some time. I’ve been keeping it inside, thinking, praying and allowing Jesus to do some intricate heart surgery. I feel that my life has become so domesticated and at the same time so complicated.

As I complain and struggle with not seeing the fruit that I dream of seeing though the ministry I am involved in I’m beginning to realize the the biggest stumbling block is myself. The weekend away was not what led me to this point but rather gave me the time to step back and get perspective, time to LISTEN. I haven’t been taking time to listen to his voice. Honestly, I’m not so sure that God has even tried to speak to me recently. I’ve refused his voice and chosen not to listen so long that I believe my heart began to grow hard. I’ve been doing a lot of “good” but I’m not called to be good. I’m called to passionately follow Jesus above all else.

As God would speak to me, I would hear him and then act on the parts that I thought I could handle. There’s a big difference between hearing and listening. When listening stops…I believe that speaking gets more quiet and less frequent. It’s because God’s voice gets lost in the crowd. I see Jesus in the crowd but I haven’t wanted him enough to do whatever it takes to get through the crowd. As I write, I recall many times that God has whispered and even yelled to get my attention but I refused. God has used speakers to comunicate the need to refuse the crowd and pursue Jesus at all costs. Francis Chan spoke on this at Momentum when he challenged us to go up the down escalator to chase after Jesus. Last Wednesday night even I spoke on how Zacchaeus didn’t allow the crowd to keep him from seeking Jesus. I challenged my own students to identify what in their lives might be “the crowd”, what has been crowding Jesus out of their lives. I’ve crowded Jesus out of my life and I haven’t begun to admit this until this past weekend.   

God has not only spoken through his Word these past few days, passages like the story of Zacchaeus, and through a book, “The Barbarian Way” but through an experience on Sunday afternoon. One of the places we went in NYC was to a service at the Brooklyn Tabernacle. I didn’t expect the encounter with the Living God that I so desperately needed, especially not through a choir. But, as they sang the following song my spirit was moved to the point of tears. I’m usually so domesticated that I will stand when everyone else stands, I will sit when everyone else sits. I rarely if ever cry, especially not in church…I used to but my heart hasn’t allowed such emotion to overtake me in quite a long time. This was different. I’m sure it wasn’t the song as much as it was God’s Spirit actively breaking my heart the previous couple of days. However, the timing and lyrics of the song spoke in a way that I desperately needed. I was moved to tears, I stood, I didn’t care, I was worshiping my Jesus for the first time in a long time. It was a taste of Heaven…I’ve never observed and then joined in with such a diverse group pouring out their hearts to Jesus.

Even as I type this “confession”, sitting at Panera Bread, the song is ringing in my ears on repeat and I stop periodically as I fill up with emotion, power, strength and a desire to make Jesus the only one.

None But Jesus

In the quiet, in the stillness
I know that You are God
In the secret of Your presence
I know there I am restored

When You call I won’t refuse
Each new day again I’ll choose

There is no one else for me
None but Jesus
Crucified to set me free
Now I live to bring Him praise

In the chaos, in confusion
I know You’re Sovereign still
In the moment of my weakness
You give me grace to do Your will

When You call I won’t delay
This my song through all my days

All my delight is in You Lord
All of my hope, all of my strength
All my delight is in You Lord Forevermore

Cell Phone tour of NYC

All weekend has been crazy busywith Ed and the YouthNet guys. We have been going, walking, talking, and seeing so many amazing places. The pictures to follow won’t even begin to do justice to what i’ve been experiencing but it’s a very small snapshot through the lens of my LG Verizon camera phone.

View from Battery Park at some buildings…

Henry was my bus captain for picking up kids at Metro Ministries Sunday School program…very cool guy…LOVED the kids…

Peering into the center of Times Square…

Just as I walked under the entrance to the TS Hard Rock Cafe…this sign flashed above me. Only 18 days early but it was a nice gesture. I’m sure it cost Carly a fortune…

5 Guys Burgers and Fries…we actually got there! Several of them call NYC home and we certainly made sure to find one. It was everything I hoped for and more…

This held us up a bit at the Subway as Adam, Koreem and myself somehow had less on our metro ticket than the others, this particular station didn’t sell tickets on the outside of the gate…

Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir…I had low expectations because I’m not a “choir” guy but WOW. Simply Incredible and the whole service was AMAZING…

Obviously not from the cell phone but I met and talked briefly with Dwayne Curtis (#44, Ole Miss) today on Canal Street. He and his teammates are in the city for the NIT Final Four and were doing some shopping when not preparing for Ohio State on Tuesday night. We were able to converse a little because of our mutual connection in Todd Abernethy who played with these guys last year at Ole Miss and his brother is a friend of mine from college. I pledged my allegiance to Dwayne and his teammates instead of OSU for Tuesday night.