Chinatown Blues


Found a nice chinese “buffet” style restaurant today in Chinatown for dinner. The food was plentiful and cheap.

That’s where anything good that I have to say stops. Ok, the rice was fine. But, seriously the food was working hard and fast on us as we continued with our evening. Maybe if the combination of Calamari type spicy rings, sesame pork with bones the size of my wrist (batter dipped, of course, so as to surprise me), and barbecue tofu would have been allowed to rest peacefully in my stomach, things would have benn just fine. But the added pleasure of the smooth Brooklyn streets would have none of that.

Much discomfort, a bathroom break for me as well as a latenight McDonald’s run to settle our collective 9 stomachs ensued. (You know the food wasn’t good when a latenight McD’s run actually serves to settle the turbulance inside, God bless 6 piece chicken mcnuggets!)

Did I mention the food was cheap?



I’m on my way to New York for the weekend. CE National has scheduled Youth Net meetings for the spring to be a “field trip” of sorts. Now I don’t travel that much, in fact, I’m not sure i’ve ever flown anywhere by myself…but I still get excited like a little kid going through the candy aisle at the grocery store.

Traveling thoughts…

  • I need this time. Timing couldn’t be better for a personal “retreat” with some like-minded youth pastors. I’ve just been in a bit of a funk as of late. It could be the cold that just came on, or the lack of sunshine. I’m sure it’s not my awful NCAA bracket but that certainly doesn’t help.
  • I’m such a travel nerd that I had my wife drop me off at the airport at 12:30pm for a 4:41pm flight. I’ve been having fun using the wi-fi, answeing e-mails, blogging (writing and surfing), and reading.
  • I found two blogs that not only will encourage me but challenge me and give me some fresh ideas…Mark Artrip’s blog led me to this one which led me to this one.
  • I have learned more than I cared to learn about Henry’s job. Henry is the loud-blue-tooth-talking man walking around Gate A5 doing business with people who are driving in a Canadian snow storm. Ok, actually I don’t even have a clue what his business is. It all sounds a lot like Wah, wah. Wah, wah, wah.
  • I’ve just started a lot of bullet points with the letter and a variation of the pronoun I.
  • The airport wi-fi is slower than I would prefer. (that didn’t start with I)
  • The lady behind me just referenced the Peanuts adults who talk by saying Wah, wah, wah, wah, Wah. Very ironic, I literally typed the bullet point above 10 minutes ago. And they weren’t even sitting here yet.

I’ve arrived…in the airplane I continued reading “The Barbarian Way” which I started a few weeks ago while getting a new tire Wal-Mart. Wow…it wasn’t hitting me then but combined with what I spoke about last night at Youth Group it’s kicking my butt. I’ll have to share more in a separate post soon.

  • Walked in the door of the hotel. Almost literally bumped into Koreem. He was kind enough to wait for me as I checked in and then we hit the town in search of a White Castle. A place neither of us had ever been to. Let me just say, Newark, NJ is a confusing place. It took us nearly 1 1/2 to go, eat and get back. Google maps told us it was 9 minutes away.
  • The food wasn’t worth it. The adventure and the conversation certainly was.
  • While lamenting the poor quality food, Koreem told me of the “best burger place ever”. 5 Guys Burgers and Fries…it appears that there are 3-4 of these in Ohio, all of which are in Cleveland. Still not convinced anything good can come out of Cleveland but I’m willing to give it a try sometime. There are many more of them near Philly, and I’m sad that I missed the opportunity while living there.

Here’s my Bracket…

Click on the Bracket to view

 …and after one day and a little, it’s not very good. Yes, I picked Pitt to win it all!

However, apparently, if you print it off you can take it to KFC for a $2.99 Toasted Wrap Combo. Woo Hoo.

A Great Day For Basketball

March Madness has arrived a week early for me. As I begin to get excited about filling out my bracket and having no clue, since I don’t start paying attention to college hoops until March, the madness has started already for a couple of my favorite schools.

Worthington Christian after advancing to the Final Four

Today the Worthington Christian High School (the school is a ministry of the church where I am employed) boys basketball team played in and won their State Semifinal game against some team from the Cleveland area, 66 to 58. I think this was the closest game they’ve played during the entire playoffs. That means on Saturday at 2pm they toss up the ball and play for the Division IV State Title!

After walking about a mile (literally) if not more from the Schottenstine Center on the OSU campus to my car, I quickly drove home to catch the second half of the Grace College Lancers NAIA playoff game…they haven’t been to that tournament in 15 years. They got an at large bid as the 18 seed (the seeding is not quite the same as the NCAA) in the field of 32. After being down 30-31 at the half they battled back to defeat Embry-Riddle (Fla) 75-65!

The 2007-08 Grace College Men’s Basketball Team

The Worthington Christian men are playing for a State Title and Grace College has advanced to the Sweet Sixteen. Oh, and Pitt beat #13 Louisville in OT, in the Big East Tourney! Yes, a great day for basketball!

American Idol…you can take it to the bank.

Many of you know of my love for American Idol but this year actually seems like the hardest year for me to even have a clue. It seems that there really are a lot of good singers…and we are reminded each minute how incredibly talented this year is by Ryan, shamlessly promoting something that I think has yet to be determined. However, with all of the really good singers, I’m having touble seeing any really great singers. Maybe its the absence of really bad singers that doesn’t make anyone stand out…well, I have no clue how this will play out. How’s that for shooting any credibility you might foolishly have believed I had? If you’d like to see more in depth analysis on some of these individuals check out my post on

The following is the order of elimination for the next 12 weeks:

12. kristy.jpg  11. david.jpg  10. amanda.jpg 

9. michael.jpg  8. chikezzee.jpg  7. syesha.jpg 

6. ramiele.jpg  5. david_c.jpg  4. carly.jpg 

3. jason_c.jpg  2. brooke.jpg 1. david_a.jpg

There you have it…agree? disagree? couldn’t care less? Jason Castro has actually become my favorite over the last few weeks, so I’m really pulling for him. I also like Syesha but her boring performances have not gotten me very excited, although she still has an incredible voice. And more than either of those two I think I’m pulling for Carly Smithson NOT to win…just don’t like her.

Hop on over to Mike’s site and enjoy our American Idol “draft”…he got the first pick by winning the last time we did this, which was two seasons ago. I’m still a little bitter, thinking I had the no brainer bet of the century when I chose Katharine McPhee and Chris Daughtry to his Mandisa Hundley (that’s right folks, she has a last name) and Taylor Hicks. How could I lose that bet!?!? Oh how I loathe Taylor Hicks.

Take a Nap


Today is National Nap Day! I’m not sure this is very official but I don’t see it being too difficult to get a following for such a fine idea for a holiday. Nap day falls on the first Monday after the beginning of daylight savings time. After 2 days of laying “pergo” type laminate flooring my body needs a nap and the daylight savings didn’t help matters. By the way, I’ll have to get some pictures up of that.

So, grab a nap today, and don’t feel guilty after all it is a “holiday”.

I Think My Son is a High School Boy…

…or a college student.

Carly just called me to inform me that Jack had just woken up from sleeping at about 10:20am. No, he didn’t just get up from a nap, this is from his night of sleeping. And, because he was such a bear last night we even put him to bed early…at 7:30pm.

Let me do the math for you: Jack slept for nearly 15 hours straight without waking up. That’s not normal for a 20 month old.

Needless to say he has not been a very dependable alarm clock lately. I might have to start setting mine again. Until June 15th.